Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Journalism Tool Box for reporters

At a recent conference which I helped moderate in Toronto, we discussed how journalists need to expand their storytelling skills by capturing video and audio as they cover events. Now the CBC.ca has written a piece about this must-have skill, as Iphones and Blackberrys and point and shoot cameras are capturing news, albeit not always with the high quality traditional TV news videography standards.

See the part where they quoted me! It's near the end.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CTV was wrong airing Stephane Dion's interview false starts?

Last fall, in October 2008,I posted this entry in my blog discussing the Dion  interview.

It came about in class, when Centennial journalism students discussed this controversial interview done by ATV showing hiccups and false starts by then Liberal leader Stephane Dion. Our journalism students felt strongly that Stephane Dion should have known better, as a seasoned politician, and should have responded using his media training to be "on message" no matter how confusing or convoluted the question was.

Other students felt that CTV had broken an implied promise not to air the bloopers.

But most put the blame on Dion himself, because there are standards which journalists apply to public figures, and he should have handled himself better.

Now, it appears, CTV has had its knuckles rapped by the Canadian Broadcast Standards agency.
Here is the decision:

Read the j-source website take on this: