Centennial College student Brad Pritchard scoop gets picked up by Toronto Star


One of the things that is so satisfying about teaching journalism students is when one of them gets a big scoop, and they sell it to the mainstream media outlets. Or mainstream media outlets pick it up.
This week, Brad Pritchard, a student in his final semester at Centennial College, published a story in the campus newspaper The Courier, based on his exclusive interview with the student whose van contained a home-made alternative fuel source, and caused half of Scarborough to be evacuated earlier this fall, and who was arrested and detained by Toronto Police.
No one else in the mainstream media was able to get the interview from the horse's mouth. Which is why Brad's piece is so great. And is another example of why working for the campus student newspaper is often a ticket to success after you graduate. Kudos to Brad, and to Matt Yuill and the other staff and reporters at The Courier.
By the way, the fact that it was Brad is not surprising. He won best interviewer last spring in Advanced Interviewing class with a "man hug" from Cabral Richards of The Score. He was also able to score an interview with Conrad Black, from prison, a few months earlier for a different assignment.