Centennial Journalism Observer view newsroom extreme makeover


While most journalism students (except sports!) are off this summer earning money and making memories, construction has begun at the East York campus to make the Observer Newsroom a thing of beauty.  Take a look at the space as I saw it yesterday, as the program prepares for new furniture, new layout, new office space, new lighting and a major transformation of gear and equipment to make the Centennial Journalism program the best one in Toronto!



 CURRENT Photos  July 27, 2011
wall removed between room 147 and 149 to make offices for Malcolm, Ted F,  Jules and others

main entry door near tv studio

steve's office on the right looking towards Lindy and Ted B's offices

former mailbox wall and phone desk wall

photocopier area formerly

view towards parking lot on east wall

classroom 147 now

journalism is a profession that requires a thick skin, a hard hat and boots

newsroom from inside room 147 looking towards Steve's office

tv studio control room area looking into Ellin's office 
Stay tuned for more updates as the weeks progress.